What is a skilled nursing facility (SNF)?

A SNF primarily provides care and rehabilitation services for individuals who require nursing care. Our care center provides 24-hour, licensed nursing care. 

Care at our center typically includes:

  • Our Passport™ approach to short-term rehabilitation
  • Intravenous therapy
  • Post-surgical stabilization 
  • Pulmonary management
  • Wound care
  • Assistance with medications
  • Aid in a variety of daily living needs, including dressing, bathing, walking, and eating

Additional services offered may include: psychiatric/psychological services, social services, podiatry and optometry, housekeeping and laundry, and personal hygiene services (barber and salon).

Is a skilled nursing facility (SNF) like a hospital?

Hospitals provide a range of diagnostic and treatment services, including emergency and intensive care, surgery, diagnostics and imaging. Stays at hospitals are usually much shorter than in a SNF.

Skilled nursing facilities provide around-the-clock care to individuals in a short-term or long-term setting, including rehabilitation following surgeries, therapy services, and assistance with activities of daily living, such as bathing, eating, and dressing. SNFs are staffed by licensed nurses, therapists, and other medical care specialists.

What paperwork is required for admission?

Guests or a responsible party will need to complete an Admission Agreement form with the admissions team within 48 hours of arriving. 

Please enquire with our admission team as to which documents you are required to provide copies of.

What are the visiting hours?

While our center doesn’t have restrictive visiting hours like hospitals, we generally suggest 8 am to 8 pm. We welcome all visitors and have several areas throughout our center where guests can comfortably congregate with family and friends.

Can our family pet visit?

Absolutely! We welcome most family pets, including dogs and cats. We may request vaccination records and some breed restrictions may apply.

What should I expect when it comes to meals?

We provide a daily menu based on individual diets and preferences. We also have an “always available menu” for guests who prefer something different. Dietary aides are available to review our guests’ preferences and help make healthy selections that support care goals. 

Whenever possible, we invite our guests to dine in a common area rather than in their rooms to enjoy the social benefits of gathering with others.

What entertainment and activities are available?

We organize a variety of activities and outings each day to stimulate and entertain our guests during their stay. We also provide Wifi throughout our center so our guests can stay connected. All guest rooms include a TV with cable.

What should a new guest bring?

We make it our priority to ensure every guest feels comfortable and welcome during their stay at our center. Everyone is welcome to bring a touch of their own home with them and items that add to their comfort during their rehabilitation. 

We recommend bringing light clothing and any essential personal items. For short-term rehabilitation, it is generally advised to bring 3-4 days’ worth of comfortable clothes and a pair of well-fitting shoes. Please reach out to our admissions team with any specific questions about what you can bring. 

Please label all items with the guest’s name.

What should I leave at home?

Please leave valuables, such as jewelry, purses, wallets, and large amounts of money at home or with a loved one. We do not permit electrical items such as extension cords, space heaters, or electric blankets.

What level of privacy can guests expect?

We place a great emphasis on providing a supportive and safe environment, including adequate supervision, while respecting each person’s right to privacy. Common areas are open for all and guest rooms are private spaces.

How soon will therapy or rehabilitation begin?

Our goal is to ensure guests start rehabilitation as soon as possible. Therapy sessions will begin within 24 hours of admission and are offered up to seven days a week, based on individual care plans.

Are patients able to spend a night at home?

Short-term Medicare and Managed Care/Insurance Patients – During short-term stays, guests are permitted to leave the facility for special occasions (eg. a wedding, funeral, or special religious event), although not overnight.

Long-term Medicaid Patients – Long-term guests are allowed a leave of absence (LOA) based on the Medicaid allowable time. LOAs are reviewed and approved by our medical team to determine the safety of the time away and coordinate any plans to accommodate our guests’ care needs while they are away.

Private Pay Patients – These guests have no restrictions.

Who will be my doctor? When does the doctor visit?

We have several physicians who visit our guests within 48 hours of their arrival. They also make weekly rounds. If a guest prefers to use an existing primary care physician, our center staff will help them with the guidelines we’re required to follow to accommodate their request.

Our center also has nurse practitioners onsite and 24/7 on-call care staff. Our guest rooms may also include FDA-approved remote monitoring devices that monitor guests’ vitals 24/7. These devices are monitored by a team of RNs who can communicate with physicians and nurse practitioners if there are changes that need to be addressed.

Will I have a voice in my care plan?

It is every patient’s legal right to make their own choices about the care they receive, activities they participate in, and other aspects of their life while staying with us. A resident council, which is a self-governed body in our center, provides our guests with an opportunity to address any concerns. 

When it comes to decisions around medical treatment, some guests can opt to give decision-making responsibilities to a loved one, such as a spouse, adult child, or other legally-designated person.

How long will guests stay at the center under their SNF benefit?

Each guest’s length of stay depends on their individual care plan and how they progress through therapy. Please note that insurance-approved days and coverage criteria apply. We will communicate with our guests or their designated caregiver regarding coverage throughout their stay.

When can guests leave the center?

When it comes to helping our guests return home or to another care setting, we closely monitor their progress and assess their requirements with activities of daily living. When appropriate, we support each of our guests with our Passport™ approach, including our Passport to Home program, to ensure a safe return home and continued treatment as needed.

Learn more about how we support the safe transition home with our Passport to Home Program.

What happens when it’s time to go home?

As part of our commitment to providing a continuum of care through our Passport to Home program, our guests receive a phone call from a nurse within 24-48 hours of returning home.  We’ll make sure they have everything they need to remain home safely and avoid complications, including a virtual visits with our Passport to Home Nurse Practitioners, continued therapy as needed. 

Learn more about how we support the safe transition home with our Passport to Home Program.