Ludlowe Center for Health and Rehabilitation

Better. Brighter. Stronger.

At Ludlowe Center for Health and Rehabilitation, we center health care on healing so the joys of daily living can be celebrated. Our center provides post-acute rehabilitation and long-term care services, including a myriad of medical and therapy services. We offer around-the-clock care for those living with chronic illnesses and disabilities. Each day, our skilled, compassionate team strives to help our guests become a better, brighter, and stronger version of themselves.

A Patient-Centered Approach to Better Health

We believe in an unwavering commitment to patient-centered care. Our comprehensive Passport approach is designed to care for each person’s unique needs. No matter where they are in their journey to better health, we go further so those we serve get what they need, where they need it. Through our extensive network of National Health Care centers and affiliate partners, we offer access to a continuum of post-acute services including therapy, telehealth, diagnostics, home care, and hospice.

Life at Ludlowe

At Ludlowe, we are committed to providing our residents with all the amenities they need to live a better, brighter, stronger life while staying with us. It’s why we place special attention on creating an engaging, inviting environment, complete with daily activities and events that stimulate, elevate, and inspire.

The same dedication to delivering short-term and long-term care goes into providing an uplifting space that nourishes the mind and soul of our residents, so when they leave, they’re not only stronger and healthier, but ready to make the best of the days ahead of them.

Providing the Best Care

Our center has been recognized with the following:

5 Stars Overall from the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS)

5 Stars Quality Measure from the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS)

McKnight’s Excellence in Technology Award for our partnership with Circadia Health

Certified Great Place to Work

Our Impact

This the second rehab my husband has been in this year (separate incidents) and I am blown away by the care and attention he has received at Ludlowe. The staff is warm and friendly, his medical needs are taken care of without my needing to intervene and I would 100% choose Ludlowe again for him or any other family member.

Amy H.

I really must say from the first day of my mother placement everyone has been very nice, pleasant and professional. I’m not just talking about those who cares for my mother but office staff, staff you see in the hallway and receptionist at front desk. You all have gone overboard and really show and display what it means to care. You don’t make it about you. I have nothing negative to say about Ludlow. YOU'RE THE BEST!

Velma T.

Ludlowe is such a wonderful place for everyone to be !!the staff are so friendly and takes great pride in doing there job.

Vanessa C.