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I was a patient at The Ludlowe Center for Health & Rehabilitation beginning on 1/19/16 until 1/24/16, the day of my discharge. First of all before anything or anywone else, I must tell you that Mr. Paul Pires (Supervisor of Food Service) should be applauded. Without him and with my special dietary needs, I would have been in a bad way. I am and will always be greatful to him. He came to my room many times and when he saw the situation I was in diet-wise, he went out and bought the few things my diet required. A the time your menu was not completed and the choices from my diabetic condition were limited. This man is remarkable, he went out of his way to make sure I had food to eat. If I ever come back which is a strong possibility, I sure hope this gem of a man is still manning the team.

— Joan Davis

I would like to “THANK YOU” and all the staff at Ludlowe Center for the wonderful picnic lunch you gave on August 21st to the seniors from Eisenhower Center. On our arrival at your facility, you met the group in the most beautiful “blue” reception room entrance. The décor was so elaborate. We were escorted to your courtyard and the enclosed area looked like a resort setting, with the tall surrounding trees and the fenced in area. The barbecue attendants were busy putting out a wonderful display of foods for us. They prepared hamburgers and hot dogs and added the trimmings if we so desired. The delicious potato salad (compliments to the chef) was an added bonus. The tasty cold drinks were very refreshing and the nice cold slices of watermelon completed the luncheon. Elza, was so kind and courteous and so were the other staff. After lunch, we were taken on a tour of your facility. It was so nice to see a very clean and wholesome refreshing atmosphere. The rooms and halls sparkled. There was no trace of bad odor as it unfortunately is in other nursing centers. I have to say that Ludlowe rated “10+”. How nice to know that people still care to accommodate others in need!! “Thank you” to all who made this such a wonderful day and “thank you” for all of your kindness to us.

— Mrs. Sarah Masso

“There are times when a family cannot adequately care for a parent and must turn over the task to those who are more able. When my mom was admitted we felt confident that she would be able to return home after the usual 20 days of therapy. It became apparent that she could no longer live independently and we had to make a hard decision, but there was much relief when we learned of the good caregiving situation at Ludlowe. We are all so very grateful.”

— Donna Voges, Lynn Russo, and Lu Russo-Ellis

“I am writing this note to let everyone know how much I enjoyed being at Ludlowe Center for Health and Rehabilitation. Everyone was so nice and courteous. All I can say is thank you so much.”

— Alberta Humbert

My mother was recently a patient at the new Ludlowe. Since my family had used the nursing facility before, we were thrilled with the new, hotel-like renovations. In addition, the staff was so caring and compassionate, especially the physical therapists who were excellent practitioners. I would recommend Ludlowe to families who want peace of mind for their loved ones.

— Cara Mocarski

Our Dad was in your center for rehab on two occasions and we sent individual “thank you” notes to staff on the floors (1st and 4th) where he received care, as well as Debbie in Social Services. We wanted to send an overall “Thank You” to everyone at Ludlowe Center from our family to say we appreciate all of the kind, compassionate care he (and our entire family received) while he was there. Everyone treated him (and all of us) with dignity and exceptional care!

— Rita P. & Diane D

“My sincerest thanks to Ludlowe for your excellent care. My father entered the center after a grievous five weeks in the hospital. Faced with many health-related difficulties, it would take some sort of miracle to build back his strength. Fortunately, within a few short weeks, that miracle happened due to the wonderful staff at Ludlowe. The constant care made him better able to endure his situation and keep his focus on his recovery and he regained his ability to sit up, stand and eventually walk on his own again.”

— Kristen Cahill